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About us



Asia's Dance Factory (ADF) was established on January 31, 2012, as an after-school initiative at Banneker Achievement Center. Initially catering to grades K-8, classes featuring contemporary, hip hop, and jazz were conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Renowned guest instructors, such as Briana Robinson (Juilliard) and Candice Savage (Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé, Janelle Monae), enriched the program.

Inspired by a childhood without competitive dance studios, Asia Dickens initiated ADF with after-school classes and an annual summer camp in 2012. The first dance studio dedicated to competition dance teams emerged in 2016, expanding to include annual summer intensives and multiple competition teams. Celebrating our 10th summer intensive in 2021, we ventured into a skills-intensive in 2022 and attended Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC, securing over 20 awards in 2023.

ADF offers year-round dance classes for ages 3 and up, encompassing competition teams, recreational dance classes, private lessons, and adult classes. Evolving into a beacon of hope for the community, the studio provides quality instruction and a secure space.

With eleven years as Asia's Dance Factory and seven at ADF studios, our students have achieved remarkable feats—participating in prestigious summer programs, attending various HBCUs, with some becoming members of their majorette teams, a current NBA dancer, a couple of dancers and performing artists for cruise ships, and one of our original dance team members recently performed with  A-list celebrities on an award show. Reflecting on these accomplishments, we envision a future where ADF continues to provide accessible, high-quality dance training. Originating in an elementary gym, our journey continues to blossom, always fueled by the limitless potential of Asia’s Dance Factory. Our proudest achievement is not only establishing a successful dance studio but also serving and mentoring underserved children in Gary, IN, nurturing their dreams and curating futures.


The purpose of Asia's Dance Factory is to create artist that are also respectful human beings. We strive to provide students with an opportunity to participate in an activity and develop sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness. The goal may not be to become a professional dancer, but the skills learned can qualify any student to be ready for real life circumstances.

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